Packy Built custom flatbeds for Dodge, Ford, Chevy and GMC.

Doherty Welding custom flatbed of the month pictured above goes to Rotschy Inc. Thank you so much for your purchase. Packy built flatbeds are built for quality and longevity. We enjoy being apart of the customers process of designing the perfect flatbed. Our most common beds are designed for Ford, Dodge, Chevy and GMC pickups, however we build flatbeds for any style of truck. The options are endless and hard to list them all out, call us today to start the process.

Look at the many options below and start your list of favorite features.


K.L.S. Flatbed: 2018 Dodge- Dually- Steel Deck, Rear Boxes, In-Bed Tie Downs, Spare Tire Under Passenger Side, Narrow Rub Rail, Square Custom Cab Guard, 2 Hoop Racks, Powder coated: Hammer Black.


Leonard Flatbed: Dodge 3500- Diamond plate, Shelves/Drawers in Boxes, Backup Camera Mount, Recessed Ball, Aluminum Diamond Plate Doors on Boxes, Powder coated: Black

Pazdral Flatbed: 2015 Dodge 2500- Diamond Plate, Wood Deck, LED Lights, Penny lights, In-Bed Chain Box, Tapered Racks, Stainless steel doors, Powder coated: Hammer Black

Action Flatbed: 2013 Ford F-350- Diamond plate,Wood Deck, LED Lights, Back Up Camera Mounted on Bumper, (2) 2' Boxes, (2) 5' Boxes, Large Ladder Rack, Powder coated: Hammer Black

Adams Flatbed: 2016 Dodge 3500- Smooth steel, wood deck, Custom Tall Boxes with Drawers with Ball Bearing Rollers, Wood Deck, Chain Box, Fuel Tank, LED Lights, Stake Pocket Racks, Back Up Camera Mounted on Cab Guard, Powder coated: Black

Currin Flatbed: 2018 Dodge 3500- Diamond Plate, Wood Deck, tapered racks, In-Bed Chain Box, LED Lights, wired for fuel pump, fuel tank, Powder coated: Silver Vein.

Stansfield Flatbed: 2005 Dodge- Diamond plate steel deck, tapered racks, three drawers in drivers side front box, rear boxes, B&W turnover ball, louvers on cab guard, STT lights on cab guard, custom tail skirt, square back up lights, d-ring safety chains extra lights on cab guard and rear skirt, super springs, Powder coated: Hammer Black.

McCarty Flatbed: 2017 Ford F-350- Smooth Plate, Wood Deck, L Type Fuel Tank, Tall Boxes 18" Deep, LED Lights, Beacon Light Plate, Oversize Load Sign Brackets, 4' Side Boxes, No D Rings, Tapered Racks, In-Bed Chain Box, powder coated: black.

Durham Flatbed: 2005 Ford- Tall Boxes with Drawers & Shelves, Extra Big Boxes, 1 Shelf on Drivers Side, 120 Gallon Fuel Tank, Steel Deck, LED Lights, Tie Downs in Bed (No Tie Downs on Outside), Stake Pockets in Back For Removable Ladder Rack, Powder coated: Black.

Forest Service


Yates Flatbed: 2015 Ford F-450 - Wood Deck, Diamond Plate, Tapered Racks, Tall Boxes, with 5 Drawers on Each Side ,removable big toolbox, Beacon Light, LED Lights, Back Up Camera Mounted on Cab Guard, In-Bed Chain Box, Recessed 5th Wheel Ball. Removable ladder rack. Powder coated: Pewter

Swaggart Flatbed: 2018 Dodge Dually- Diamond Plate, Steel Deck, LED Lights, Back Up Camera Mounted on Bumper, Tapered Racks, Park Sensors, Custom Racks & Boxes, Powder coated: Hammer Black

Huntzinger Flatbed: 2018 Ford F-350 - Diamond Plate, Wood Deck, 100 Gal. Fuel Tank, Shelves/Drawers in Boxes, LED Lights, Beacon Light, Straight Racks, Park Sensors, Powder coated: Pewter Grey


R.C.L. Flatbed: 2016 Ford F-350- Diamonda plate, Extra Tall Boxes, L- Fuel Tank, Cross Tool Box, 18 Drawers, Wood Deck, LED Lights, Oversize Load Sign, Chain Box, Divider Material, Beacon light, Powder coated: Hammer Black

Hammelman Flatbed: 2011 Ford F-350- Diamond Plate, Wood Deck, 120 Gal. Fuel Tank, Tall Boxes, Shelves/ Drawers in Boxes, LED Lights, Mount Back Up Camera, Tapered Racks, In-Bed Chain Box, Back Up Sensors, Powder coated: Black

Wampler Flatbed: 2017 GMC- Diamond Plate, Wood Deck, LED Lights, Tapered Racks, Back Up Camera Mounted on Bumper, In-Bed Chain Box, Park Sensors. Removable Lumber Rack. Powder coated: Hammer Black.

Saunders Flatbed: 1997 Dodge- Diamond Plate, Wood Deck, LED Lights, Tapered Racks, Extra D-Rings in Cab Guard, Powder coated: Black.

Cunningham3 Flatbed: 2015 Ford F-350 Long Box - Diamond Plate, Wood Deck, In Bed Chain Box, Receivers for Jacks, Protectors on Box Hinges, Dog Box, powder coated: black.

Floren Flatbed: 2019 Ford F-350 Cab & Chassis- Diamond Plate, Steel Deck, Receiver Hitch, LED Lights, Back Up Camera Mounted on Cab Guard, Tapered Racks, Powder coated: Silver

McKinley Flatbed: 2018 Ford- Tall Boxes, with 5 Drawers on Each Side, 130 Gal. Tank, Steel Deck, Back Up Camera, D-Rings, Tapered Racks, Oversize Load Sign Mount, Beacon Light Mount, Big D-Ring for Safety Chains, Fold Down 5th Wheel Hitch, Fold Down Racks, 3' Side Boxes with Fold Down Doors,Stop Tail & Turn Lights in Cab Guard, Beacon Light & Mount, rear vise mount, Air Compressor & Air Tank, Powder coated: Black.

Hermiston Fire

Winona Flatbed: 2010 Dodge- under bed boxes, special Dog Box, tire rack, 5th wheel hitch, wood deck, 6" side racks, Powder coated: black

Nash Flatbed: 2015 Ford F-350- Diamond Plate, 70 + Gallon Fuel Tank, Tall Boxes with Shelves & Drawers, Steel Deck, LED Lights, Mount Back Up Camera, In Bed Chain Box, 360 Flash Pattern Thin, 14" Length, Powder coated: Pewter Gray

Tuttle Flatbed: 1984 Peterbilt 359- Steel 21' Deck, LED Lights (Clear Lens), Rear Hitch, Tie Downs in Deck, Winch Mount, Sliding Winches, 4' Toolbox, Battery Box, Flip Over Ramps, Add on To Truck Frame. Low Profile. Painted Black.

Nelson Flatbed: 2012 Ford, Smooth steel with wood deck, tall boxes 5 drawers, fuel tank, LED lights, overhead beacon light, extra large in bed chain box, 3’ side boxes, with tapered racks. powder coated: pewter.