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Doherty Recycling buys and sells scrap metal daily. Ways to get your scrap to our yard: drop box service, small pick-ups, large property clean-ups, or you deliver your scrap. Every scrap load is weighed and converted to cash. Be sure to call ahead to get the daily price as scrap prices change frequently.


Doherty Recycling provides a convenient Drop Box service.  We provide on-site metal containers for both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal collection. We’ll work with you to establish a regular pick-up schedule that meets your company's needs. How it works: We set up a delivery date for the large or small box to your property, you fill the box, call us to come pick up, we weigh box, empty box, and re-deliver if needed, and lastly send you a check.


Doherty Recycling also provides a property clean-up of scrap metal. We can bring our equipment and come clear the property of large amounts of scrap metal. Some examples are farm clean-ups, burned equipment, insurance clean-up or estate sales.


Doherty Recycling also offers a portable baling service. We can drive our baler to your scrap yard and bale to help clean-up your yard quickly.

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Metal Transportation Certificate

Oregon law requires sellers to carry a completed Metal Transportation Certificate (MTC) when transporting scrap metal intended for sale to a recycling business. Failure to do so is a Class C Misdemeanor. The MTC is available free of charge. Click this link to get a copy: Oregon Metal Transportation Certificate


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